Planetarie & HSM Secure Long-Term Athlete Partnership

Professional marathon runner Sabrina Wieser announced her new partnership with wellness company Planetarie via Instagram on Tuesday, June 22 (photo via @runningbrina/IG)

“Invest in women’s sports” is a phrase that is thrown around quite frequently these days. It trends on Twitter. It is donned on t-shirts. And it is often discussed among fans and industry leaders.

While those steps are important, it does not solve the issue of truly investing in women’s sports. That is why Hochberg Sports Marketing (HSM) is excited to announce its facilitated partnership between Planetarie and professional marathon runner Sabrina Wieser.

Planetarie is a woman-owned wellness company based in the Denver, CO area, focusing on CBDa. The brand teamed up with Icon Source, a two-sided sports sponsorship marketplace, as a part of its 50 For 50 campaign to secure partnerships for women athletes. Planetarie and HSM matched on the platform before striking a long-term deal for Wieser.

“My vision has always been to get our products into people’s hands in a meaningful way. We saw a strong alignment with Sabrina as she authentically cares about health, wellness, and education. She is in an ideal position to reach many people who truly need what we are offering, whether they are endurance athletes or weekend warriors.” said Stacy Cason, Planetarie’s CEO and Founder.

The partnership is focused on social media, in which Wieser will promote Planetarie’s variety of products to her 100,000 Instagram followers. In addition to social integration, Wieser will blog about her journey with Planetarie products on her popular running- and health-focused website as she trains for the New York City Marathon this fall.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp, which includes low THC derivatives of cannabis — such as CBD and CBDa — from the definition of marijuana, usage has exploded. However, CBDa differs from CBD and is not as well known as its counterpart, despite its many use cases — specifically among athletes. Therefore, this partnership will also aim to generate awareness regarding the potential benefits of CBDa.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Planetarie during my training for the New York City Marathon this year and to use their products for recovery and pain relief,” Wieser said. “It’s great to be a part of a female-led team that shares the same values that I have.”

All parties are thrilled to be moving forward with this partnership, which is helping solve numerous issues — from providing proper investments into women’s sports and athletes to ensuring there is high-quality and trustworthy information on CBDa.

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